ARES Project

Impact management

ARES Project
Multi Country

Project start date: 2019-01-01 - Project end date: 2019-12-31

ARESNIG: External evaluation of PFS projects in Niger and Burundi.

ARESKIN:  Final external evaluation of a research project on the creation of a doctoral school in architecture in Kinshasa, DRC.:  collaboration between ISAU and the faculty of agriculture of La Cambre.

ARESHAI: Final external evaluation of the PRD Haiti project of the university expertise capacities of the Rural Engineering team of the Faculty of Agronomy and veterinary medicine (FAMV) in the field of characterization of floods and sediment load of rivers. 

ARESFOR:  Support of the formulation process of 5 ARES projects.

ARESBKV:  Indicative Cooperation Program - Support the capacity development for the detection and identification of infectious agents in the province of South Kivu.