Vision & Mission


We believe in enabling people and organisations who invest in positive change, for themselves and for their families, for the organisations they work with, for the communities that surround them and for our planet. We trust that together we can conceive and apply clever solutions to issues that require our involvement.

We are convinced that, in many cases, social and inclusive entrepreneurship and/or impact based management and funding are appropriate models for contributing to better lives and sustainable development.

blue and brown globe on persons hand


We provide high quality consulting and ‘value for money’ for the public and social profit sectors. We assist private sector organisations in search of significant social corporate responsibility and/or positive impact.

We support and manage projects, programs and funds. We are committed to benefit both our clients and the communities we serve in.
We contribute to inclusive improvements and development at organisational, institutional, socio-economic, cultural and ecological levels. To further leverage our collective positive forces, we also nurture and empower social and inclusive entrepreneurship.