Institutional and Organisational Development

In order to generate positive impact for people and the environment and to be a valuable partner in sustainable value chains, any organization, institution, enterprise, project or other initiatives must be ‘fit for purpose’. Organizations must continuously adjust the way they work, optimize their internal support services, enhance internal empowerment, etc. to provide the best possible value for money. At the same time they must be flexible to anticipate or at least be responsive to evolving opportunities and challenges, as to continue to excel in the future. brings ample experience and expertise from having assisted a myriad of institutions and organisations, in Belgium and worldwide, with their institutional and organisational development.

Facilitating change processes is a recurring component of our work, across a wide range of types of organisations, countries and settings. We have supported organisations to successfully implement effective and strategic change processes as ‘change facilitators’  in some instances or through a  short or longer mandate ‘interim managers’. Fostering effective change is an implicit part of many other assignments. 

We foster progressive transition with sufficient piloting and participatory testing. We ensure that staff and teams concerned by the change actively contribute to the design, testing, improvement and further implementation of change.

Where appropriate, we assist our client organization in optimizing and simplifying their business processes. While enhancing internal empowerment, we trigger innovative thinking, thus yielding simplified processes and improved business models that remove overlap, leverage synergy and generate more value for money for the organization’s clients or beneficiaries.

Increasingly, the performance, success and impact of an organization or initiative does not merely depend on its own capacity and performance but requires synergy and effective partnerships with other organizations. Developing and managing the (effectiveness and added value of the) organisation’s external network and partnerships is therefore essential. As networks and partnerships evolve and professionalize, they may require a dedicated secretariat or even as specialised backbone organisation. experts bring ample experience in fostering effective partnership and in going through different stages of network development and professionalization of networks. offers extensive experience in multiple aspects of human resources (HR) development, often as embedded components of broader assignments. Our assignments comprise: HR needs assessment; assessment of required versus existing skills of staff; staff training and skills development planning; multi-mode and embedded learning strategies; capacity building plans at institutional, organisational and individual levels; coaching of key staff and leadership; career planning and HR policies; job-crafting; etc.

Furthermore, connected with the above, supports organisations in fostering a successful transition toward inclusive diversity. It is essential for any organization to ensure that all staff can thrive, whatever their gender, ethnic, cultural or social backgrounds. This implies that all staff is empowered by a true sense of belonging and a culture of recognition, and by management systems that provide ample and effective opportunities for the full potential of any individual to be developed and leveraged. A vision and culture of inclusion with HR systems and processes aligned to such vision, allow organisations to attract, identify and leverage talents available in society. Inclusive diversity is not only essential to attract, sustain and nurture talent but also to enhance creativity and innovation of any organization; while contributing to inclusive diversity in society at large.

For organizations to be successful, they must complement vision and strategy with appropriate internal governance. The policy and budget cycle and connected financial management must allow for strategic and operational steering, with resources being allocated in line with vision and strategy and with corresponding priority setting, pathways and timelines. At the same time, they should allow for accountability to funders / shareholders and to other stakeholders.

Internal control systems and risk management are essential to ensure the organization appropriately implements its strategies and plans, generates positive impact while leveraging opportunities and consciously managing risks. However, as the context and the organisation itself evolve, these systems should adapt and be optimized to be aligned with a focus on result and impact; while fostering internal empowerment, win-win partnerships, etc. Tendencies towards bureaucracy must be identified and transformed to ensure that internal corporate services and resources management are and remain fully geared in their role as support services that effectively enable and facilitate the performance of the core functions of the organization.

The team brings ample experience in tackling such challenges in a broad range of organisations and across many countries.

Institutional and Organizational Assessments and Performance Audits has conducted many institutional and organisational assessments and performance audits. This comprised reviewing the organization’s strategy and vision, its institutional capacity and embedment in broader contexts, its core functions, its overall governance and resources management (HR and finance), its internal control systems, etc. We conducted or guided institutional and organisational audits of numerous public sector institutions at local, regional and national levels in Belgium and in over 30 countries. In the past 10 years we have been awarded framework contracts to conduct organisational assessments of envisaged partner organisations of the Belgian development organisations in many countries. Commissioned by VLIR-UOS, we conducted institutional assessments of 8 universities in 6 countries, shortlisted as candidates for multi-year institutional support…

Generally, such assignments result in clear recommendations for improvement; if requested we also assist the organization in producing a further developed capacity building plan.