Our history

C-lever.org was officially created on 27th February 2017 as an institutionalised joint venture and professional collaborative platform of Stoop Consulting and the other permanent partners of C-lever.org.

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Our consulting business was initiated in 1996 under the name “Stoop Consult”. In 2007 this successful consulting business has been transferred to a new legal entity labelled “Stoop Consulting bvba”.
C-lever.org, being initiated, co-founded and fully supported by Stoop Consulting, therefore builds on a foundation of over 20 years of successful consulting business, combining rich experience and good client satisfaction worldwide (in Belgium and in over 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Near East, Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean) with healthy financial results and consistent profits every year.

Since 1st March 2017, Stoop Consulting and the (progressively extending team of) permanent partners of C-lever.org conduct all their professional activities through C-lever.org, established as their joint operational and professional structure.
Furthermore, the many professionals “associated” to C-lever.org operate through C-lever.org whenever such collaboration provides significant added value for their related professional activities.
All partners and associated professionals bringing their own professional experience and expertise, C-lever.org can quickly mobilise a multidisciplinary wealth of technical capacity.

We are all driven by the desire to collaborate and we aim at leveraging our combined strengths, in line with our shared vision and mission and responding to the (immediate and longer term) needs of our clients and stakeholders.

C-lever.org has been constituted with an initial own capital of 225.000 Euro and access to additional funding where needed. This provides us with a strong financial and economic capacity, matching our professional strengths.